Thursday, February 22, 2018



     A video surfaced on February 21st 2018 that sent chills through some South Carolina Confederate Heritage Supporters...and ignited a storm of hell-fire in others. For nearly ten years Summerville, SC resident Annie Caddel has been a Confederate Heritage pillar in the South Carolina Low Country, proudly flying a Confederate Battle Flag outside her home in the face of incredible resistance. The Confederate Battle Flag that once flew on a pole on Ms. Caddel's property was lowered and handed to a local black activist by the name of Louis Smith.


     What makes this story so troubling is that Mrs. Caddel was once one of the most admired Confederate Heritage supporters in South Carolina due to her unshakeable will to defend her Southern Heritage in the face of ridiculous oppression. Shortly after the 2015 removal of the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina State House Mrs. Caddel started receiving complaints about her Confederate Flag, which flew from a small pole mounted on the front of her home.

     They event went so far as to surround her property with a large privacy fence to block the public view of the flag. Annie Caddel's response? She installed a new flag pole which allowed the Confederate Battle Flag to tower over the fence. 

Annie Caddel Stands Next To The Privacy Fence Built
Next To Her Property With Her Confederate Battle Flag Flying In the Background

     She stood strong, saying in a local newspaper that she would die before she would put her flag away. She went on to say:

"Would you let your family history die like that? I don't think so. That's tantamount to treason in my family. You just don't do that"


    Nevertheless, the Confederate Battle Flag did come down from her property on February 21st and Annie Caddel became, by her own definition, a traitor. When South Carolina Secessionist Party officials reached out to Mrs. Caddel on February 22nd to get her side of the story Mrs. Caddel was very candid about her reason for removing the Confederate Battle Flag. Quoting liberal hack Louis Smith, Caddel told Party officials she wanted to promote "unity in the community", stating she didn't want to be remembered in her community as the person who flew the Confederate flag and hurt peoples feelings. When it was pointed out to her that she would now likely be remembered by the Confederate Heritage community as a traitor for her decision Caddel replied:

"I would rather die a traitor"

Annie Caddel Hands Her Confederate Battle Flag To
Black Activist Louis Smith


     Instead of simply going outside her home and replacing her Confederate Battle Flag with a State Flag, which would likely have gone relatively unnoticed, Mrs. Caddel decided to invite South Carolina's premier Confederate Flag Hater to her home to make a video to celebrate its removal. Instead of giving her beloved Battle Flag an honorable retirement for whatever reason she may have chosen, she decided to submit her beloved Battle Flag to public humiliation and degradation at the hands of  one of its biggest opponents in the State. 

     Mrs. Caddel claims that the flag was given to Mr. Kenneth Battle to be displayed in the Summerville Museum, where it will be accompanied by a text of its story in Summerville.  In short, this means that a Confederate Battle Flag has been handed over by a Southerner to be ridiculed and maligned in a public museum as a piece of anti-Southern propaganda. To view the entire video made by Caddel and Smith click the link below:



       This one speaks for itself. What do you think about Mrs. Caddels sudden change of direction?


  1. I wonder if she has been intimidated? If not shes a real POS

  2. I think you are fine with her position as long as it aligns with yours. As soon as her fear of retaliation grew too great, you threw her to the wolves.

  3. Good for her for finally getting smart.

  4. She finely got around to rejecting treason and evil, It took a while but good for her,

  5. The problem arises because present-day white people don’t
    Want to confront the wickedness of their ancestors; nor the
    Auction block, or the compromise or the chains or the whip and the lash
    Or the limbs pulled apart, or the raped girl or the child sold off, or the
    Young man tied all day to a tree in the sun or the wife sold down
    The river or the mass lynching, or the fury of a white lynch-mob
    Or a hundred years of Jim Crow, or the depths of the evil from which
    They spring – there, is the problem; one of the white world’s construction

    For them to dredge up this evil would be to accept their association
    To it and validate their kinship with those who implemented this evil
    To remember this wickedness would require them to wear the cloak
    Of inhumanity and offer an apology – and to surrender a restoration to
    The survivors of the evil, a burden so gloomy no white person can
    Endure it, so they deny the reality, they would much prefer to
    Remain ignorant of it - What’s really needed here James Baldwin once
    Said, is: White History Week – the white man needs to understand
    All of his history - needs to be pinned to it, gathered and penetrable
    Otherwise here is what happens

    White Evangelicals abandoned God’s morality and all
    The ethics they pretend to know from the bible to support
    A decadent man whose wicked moral excess of
    Twenty-five years are well documented in print,
    On audio tapes, in videos, from his own admission
    White Americans voters in the biggest departure of
    Moral judgement since slavery risked the narrow
    Sliver of decency that keeps the country from sinking
    Altogether to support this man whose marketing promise
    Is that he will make America great again negating the
    Necessity to dredge up old history – it didn’t happened
    He will erect a wall to create a reality so white the noble
    Words of the Founding Father’s will ring true again

    America, America,
    My God He done shed his grace on thee,
    He crowned thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining Sea.

  6. Union General Nathaniel Banks contraband policy became Jim Crow laws that mirrored Illinois antebellum Black codes. North brought segragation and death to 1/3 of Black people between 1862 and 1870, while the money to save them was spent on transcontinental RR. South had richest blacks in America and richest slave owners in Louisiana were Black

  7. KKK II was founded by Robber Barons to oppose Labor Unions by dividing races. It was very racist WASP and far different than original. "Wave the Bloody Shirt" Northern propaganda machine was opposed by "Lost Cause" to balance the story. Now Leftist radicals preach Northern version like it is truth, to fprward their Marxist agenda.

  8. A Judas indeed! I remember the initial issue over her flag and how SC Confederate heritage defenders stood with her. It agrivates me when someone can throw out their principles so easily. It shows that they were never really their principles at all. Stand for truth! instead of the steady diet of lies we are fed from government schools! Anyone who knows true history also realizes that many blacks (thousands) and many other minorities for the South. It is sad when anyone surrenders the truth in order to gain "unity" Standing for the truth will always bring confrontation with the uninformed. Compromise is a death knoll for truth because compromised truth is no longer truth at all!